Win Swedish godis!

DSC_1210Who doesn’t love Swedish godis? Well, there may be some of you, but I think most of us enjoy them quite a bit! Which is why I decided to run another contest for you!

Simply Tweet, Share, or Like our page and you can enter to win! Do all 3 and get up to 3 entries! You can do all of this at the bottom of the post.

This is open to everyone worldwide, but if you are in Sweden I will send you some Swedish Fish. So that those of us that don’t live in Sweden can have a chance to win the Swedish godis!

The contest runs until Sunday, January 27th.

Remember to enter below. Lycka till!

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Win a copy of the “Evil” on DVD

One of the ways I love to learn a language is watching movies in that language. Movies from that country. Not only is it easy practice, but you a glimpse into the culture as well. And Swedish is no different.


Which is why I’m offering someone the chance to win a copy of the Swedish film, Evil, on DVD!

Evil is more drama than thriller Swedish film about a boy who is given the final chance to “straighten up” and finish his education at a boarding school. However he is met with the school bullies, and begins questioning when violence is “evil”. Check out our full review of the film!

How do you win? Simple! You have 3 chances to enter.

  1. Comment on this blog post and tell us your favorite Swedish film.
  2. Like our Facebook fan page and share it. (Click the settings symbol, next to the like button, and then “Share”.)
  3. Tweet your favorite Swedish movie to @SwedishFreak along with a link to this post.
You can do only one and enter, or you can do all 3 and get 3 entries!

The DVD is Zone 1 (US and Canada) so keep that in mind. That being said, as usually, this contest is open to everyone worldwide! The contest will run from today, Monday, October 1st, 2012 until Sunday, October 14th, 2012 at midnight PST.


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Win Essentials of Swedish Grammar Book!

Essentials of Swedish GrammarI remember awhile ago I did a contest on this amazing book “Essentials of Swedish Grammar” and I had many requests to do another one. So here you guys go!

This is my go to book for all of Swedish grammar, and is a must have for anybody who is serious about learning Swedish. And while there are great free Swedish resources online for learning Swedish, this book will be a helpful guide and is worth the investment!

So how do you win a copy of this amazing book?

Simple! Each of these steps gives you one entry ticket to the drawing. And

1. Leave a comment on this post on why you should win this book.

2. Tweet on Twitter “Learn Swedish for Free online @SwedishFreak & help me win a Swedish grammar book with a retweet!″

BTW, every RT you get will give you an extra entry!

3. Like SwedishFreak on Facebook if you haven’t already. And the share the post about this contest on your wall about why you should win! Remember, if your friends share it too, and explain why you should win, you can get an extra entry!


If you get your friends to tweet, leave a comment on your behalf, or share the Facebook post on your behalf, you will get an extra entry ticket!

There is no limit to how many entries you can have. So go crazy and get your beloved friends to help you out!

Contest ends on August 31st, 2012 at midnight PST. The winner will be announced Monday September 3rd, 2012.

Lycka Till!


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How Swedish Are Swedish Fish?

Fika with Swedish FishWhen I tell my family and friends about Sweden and how awesome it is, the first thing that comes to their mind is not ABBA or IKEA.

They actually say to me, “Oh, like Swedish Fish?”

Now, if you are from Sweden, you may have no idea what they are talking about. And actually, Swedish Fish started on the East Coast of the United States, and only in the last decade did it become popular on the West Coast.

Edit: According to many California’s after I posted this, this fact is NOT true. It was only I who was deprived as a child from Swedish Fish growing up in California. Doh!

And while these fish are Swedish in name (and it is even branded on the fish), that is where it ends. Out of all the godis I got to eat while in Sweden, I never saw Swedish fish.

However, I think that is where the name must have come from. Some guy, either from Sweden, or visiting Sweden, saw how awesome the godis selection was, and decided to make some “Swedish” godis fish for the Americans. And he was successful!

Edit: While it is true I never saw Swedish Fish in Sweden, nor did I taste anything like it, my Swedish Freaks kindly showed me how wrong I was. Yep, Swedish Fish are Swedish. They come from Malaco, a Swedish company which exports them to North America.

However, I’m curious how much they taste the same. I’ve had Czech beer in the U.S., and it does NOT taste even close. So I may need to do some experimentation and update you!

That is about where the Swedish in the fish ends. Looking at the back of the bag, I’m shocked that the product is made… in Canada!

Swedish fish in Canada

However, these yummy, chewy treats are “Swedish” enough for me. I mean, it is printed on the fish. And it makes for a great fika/godis snack break!

Swedish Fish Godis

Contest Time!

Win some Swedish Fish!

So I think it is time to give away some of these yummy treats! Win your own bag of Swedish Fish!


How to play? You’ve heard it before!

You can enter the following ways. Every way gives you an entry.

  1. Comment on this post on why you want to win.
  2. Tweet on Twitter to @SwedishFreak on why you want to win.
  3. Like our Facebook page and share the Swedish Fish post with your friends!

The contest ends midnight PST on Monday July 16th. The winner will be announced Tuesday.

Lycka till!

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