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Sweden boasts some of the world’s most magnificent geography and wildlife. With terrain varying throughout the country, Sweden has 96,000 lakes and a plethora of forests, which are home to a variety of species. Approximately one quarter of the country is comprised of water bodies, and approximately 11 percent of Sweden is now protected. With the majority of the protected lands in the north, Sweden contains over 3,100 nature reserves, and 29 national parks.

Swedish Mushroom

Organizations such as the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can be considered an authority on the subject of nature in Sweden, addressing such issues as climate change, the marine environment, and nature conservation. Valuable information is also available through the Swedish EPA on Sweden’s national parks, which were created to represent a breadth of environments within Sweden, but also offer ample opportunities to Swedes and visitors for recreation.

Near Skellefteå

The right to access any publicly or privately owned land is protected by “allemansrätten”, the right of public entrance. This privilege is extended based on the premise of no destruction nor animal disturbance, as well as due respect paid to landowners. “Allemansrätten” provides for numerous opportunities for outdoor adventure, including the gathering of food, given adherence to the “do not disturb, do not destroy” principle.

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