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7 Halloween Costumes for a Swedish Freak

Halloween is coming soon. It may not be a native Swedish holiday, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t celebrated in Sweden, and it also doesn’t mean that your Halloween can’t have some Swedish in it! Here are 7 great costumes for a Swedish Freak like you for this Halloween.

Viking Warrior

Swedish Viking Costume

Nothing says Sweden like a viking! Terrify your friends (or show them how to drink some mead!) with this fun costume. Reminds me of Johan, when he and his sister came down to visit me in Prague for my Halloween party, they were truly Swedish and came as vikings! If you are brave enough to make your own mead (as some Swedes I know did), then bring it along to make your costume even more authentic :) The costume here goes for around $100, but I’m sure you can find a cheaper one.

Viking Princess

Swedish Viking Princess

We all know that every Viking Warrior must have his princess! I personally am all for being a princess, and I love this Viking princess costume. Did they have princesses back then? I’m going to say yes, since they have them now. Join your warrior with this cool costume!

The Swedish Chef!

The Swedish Chef Costume

Ok, he may be American made, but you can’t get more “Swedish” than the Swedish chef! Just make sure your throw some meatballs around and say ‘Gurdy gurdy gurdy gurrr’. Don’t know who the Swedish Chef is? Shame on you! Watch this video, and then come back and buy this costume!

Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking Costume

Did you not know she was Swedish? Well, she is! This is a great costume for her too. So why not show off the Swedish Freak in you and be Pippi for Halloween!

Of course, as Halloween tradition, this dress was shortened to give you a sexier look. There are more traditional Pippi costumes online if that is your interest though :)

Eric Northman of True Blood


Ok, so for this costume you have to have the Swedish look already. If you find yourself blond haired, blue eyed, and gorgeous, dress in black and then throw on some fangs and be Eric Northman for Halloween! An easy enough costume, and deliciously Swedish!

Bjorn and Agnetha From ABBA

Bjorn from AbbaAgnetha from Abba
Yes, ABBA is Swedish! They may sing in English, but they do come from Sweden. So what is a better costume than Bjorn? I think this is a great, unique costume. Get two of your friends to be Benny and Anni to complete the ABBA Costume!

So how are you going to make your Halloween a bit Swedish?

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Being a Swedish Freak is Genetic

I never realized that being a Swedish Freak would be genetic. But apparently it is.

grandparents in Sweden

In December I was in Phoenix visiting my grandparents. Because I have been living overseas the last 10 years, I hadn’t seen them in a really long time. So of course there was tons to talk about, and a lot to catch up. Surprisingly we spoke mostly about Sweden, and ended up cooking Lussebullar for Lucia. Yes, they are Swedish Freaks too!


It all started with an exchange student from Sweden… They fast became friends with the exchange student, kept in touch, and one day took a visit of a life time over to Sweden.

I got the chance to view the entire album, and see Sweden from a whole new perspective – from the 80s, from my grandparents eyes!

They got to see not only Stockholm and Malmö, but also made their way up to Norrland as well (and on a helicopter no less!)

The perfect time to go to Sweden? Well, midsummer of course! There were great photos of them building and putting up the maypole.

Even more interesting was the exchange receipt they received for $100. I’m surprised that the exchange rate hasn’t changed that much. 1 USD is 6.3 SEK nowadays. Back then? 6.0 SEK.



It was simply beautiful to hear their side of the Sweden, and to know how much they still love it today. They love it so much and appreciate the coffee there that they special order Swedish coffee. I totally get that!

So we drank lots and lots of Swedish coffee. It was really nice to have real Swedish coffee again, and they knew how to make it as well!


Because it was Lucia while I was there, I of course baked some lussebullar for them :) Which they loved, and even froze some to keep for later.

It was funny, because while I was in the kitchen, I noticed a special egg whipper. We have

Swedish egg whipper

these in Sweden, it is a stable for the kitchen. If you don’t have one, it is kinda like not having a spatula. It took me a minute to realize that this was something that is not usually in American kitchens!

So when I did finally ask them about it, I was correct! A gift from a Swedish friend of theirs, so they could properly whip eggs. Love it! (Now I’m informed you can get them in the US. IKEA perhaps?)

After spending a few days with my grandparents, and realizing they are also Swedish Freaks, I have concluded that it must be genetic. Maybe we have some Swedish roots somewhere? That is yet to be seen, but we are on the search. All we know right now is that we are very, very fond of Sweden.


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Top 5 Gifts for a Swedish Freak

Christmas is just around the corner. And I know plenty of Swedish Freak’s in my life. So what do you get a Swedish Freak for Christmas? Why, something Swedish of course! So let’s take a look a the top 5 gifts for Swedish Freaks out there.

5. A batch of Lussebullar

LussebullarLussebullar are generally made during Lucia, which is celebrated on December 13th. But there is no reason you can’t make a batch for Christmas! This is a especially Swedish bun made with saffron, giving it a yellow color. While work is involved in kneading the dough if you don’t have a machine to do it, it is generally a low cost gift that will make the Swedish Freak in your life light up with joy.

Not a fan of lussebullar? There is also the option of kanelbullar (Swedish cinnamon buns) or gingerbread cookies. Just cook them something Swedish!

4. A pair of Swedish socks

Swedish socks, or a knitted pair of socks the Swedish way (as I call them, because that is where I was first introduced to them and where I learned how to make them) are necessary for any Swedish type weather in the winter. And I mean snow :) Another inexpensive gift in a way. Yarn costs about $6 in the States (more elsewhere) and then all you need is some time to knit! If you are in need of the pattern, contact me. I don’t have anything professional but I can at least explain it to you so you get it. Not recommended for beginner knitters.

3. Great Swedish books

Arn The Knight TemplarI love reading Swedish books in English because it gives such a great glimpse of the Swedish culture. And any Swedish Freak will think the same thing.

There are tons of Swedish books available in English, such as the Dragon Tattoo Series or some books by Henning Mankell.

So buy some books and get one for the Swedish Freak in your life (and one for yourself while you are at it!)

2. A Swedish Film

If your Swedish freak isn’t much of a reader, then a Swedish film is perfect. It is a great way to learn the language when you have the film in Swedish with English subtitles. And it is also very relaxing to just sit back and watch Swedes in action. And Sweden’s cinematography is very much like North America’s, making it all about the culture and less about the film making.

Arn is a great film for action lovers (and even has some English mixed in). For horror fans, Let the Right One In is always recommended. There are of course a lot more Swedish films, so find one for your Swedish Freak!

1. Swedish Freak clothing!

Swedish Freak TeeOf course, nothing pleases a Swedish Freak more than some Swedish Freak clothing. We have got beanies with “Sverige”, thermal cups, Fika aprons, and some awesome limited time holiday items with “Tomte” written on them.

All of them are designed with your love of Sweden in mind, and will keep you warm and cozy this winter.

Check out the Swedish Freak shop and deck your halls, stuff your stocks, and just plain rock with Swedish awesomeness.

Proceeds of the store will go to keeping this website alive, and paying our writers to write about the Awesomeness they find in Sweden. So start shopping today at the Swedish Freak shop!

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10 Signs that You are a Swedish Freak

I don’t remember when I became a Swedish Freak. It was somewhere between falling in love with a Swede and falling in love with Sweden. But now I know that I will be a Swedish Freak for life!

Perhaps you are in that middle stage, where you are not sure if you are a Swedish Freak or not. Well, here are 5 ways to tell if you are!

1. You “fika” even when not in Sweden.


Find yourself wanting a fika, calling it a fika, and not finding another word for it in your native language? A great sign you are turning into a Swedish Freak!

2. Suddenly you can’t get enough “godis”.


Think gummies are for children? Not in Sweden! If you have a new found sweet tooth, beware, you are very much transforming into a Swedish Freak! And yes. Swedish Fish count. Though they aren’t really Swedish.

3. Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

Now I know there is hockey in other places of the world too. But if you are suddenly following hockey when before you didn’t care, then you know that is another symptom, er, I mean sign!

4. You say “Hej” to everyone you meet.

Yes, this works in English too. We say “Hey!” to old friends we haven’t seen in awhile, or someone we are surprised to see. But if you start saying “Hej” in the since of hello, to complete strangers and everyone you meet, then you can take it for a sign… you may be a Swedish Freak.

5. You can’t seem to get enough of ABBA and other Swedish artists.


I can admit it. Can you? Especially the artists that sing in Swedish.Veronica Maggio anybody?

6. For the love of Meatballs!

Meatballs. Eat enough of them, and you will turn into a Swedish Freak!


7. You find yourself dancing like a frog and have greens on your head between June 21 and 24th.

midsommer in sweden

If you don’t get this one, then check out the “Swedish midsummer for dummies” video!

8. You pick berries even when you are getting eaten alive by mosquitoes… yet you don’t seem to mind!

mosquitoes and berries

Really, would anybody else but a Swedish Freak do that?

9. Suddenly rotting fish sounds appetizing to you.


This is a big sign that you have turned into a Swedish Freak!

10. And the top sign that you are a Swedish Freak…

You have a Swedish Freak sign!

Swedish Freak sign

Wait, what, you don’t have one? Then go buy one at Signs of the Mountains!

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