A Free Swedish Dating Site – For Practicing Swedish

I am always finding new ways to use and improve my Swedish. I am not the type to sit down and memorize 10 words every evening (though that helps a lot too when I do do it!) I prefer methods that don’t seem like studying.Happy Pancake

Lately, my roommate, brother and friends have all been having a stab at online dating. Apparently that is the new thing, and why not?

Well, one reason that stopped me from trying online dating here in the U.S. is because I know I don’t want to stay here. I want to go to Sweden. So it seems pretty pointless to date out here.

But while I heard about my roommate’s success with making some great friends, I thought maybe I should give online dating a try.

The coolest thing about online dating is that distance doesn’t matter! So I started searching for free Swedish dating sites (sorry, but why would I pay if I could get it for free?)

After a deep search I discovered Happy Pancake. As I dived into reading profiles and writing my own profile (in very bad Swedish, might I add), I realized that this is a great way to practice Swedish! I was writing back and forth to various Swedes, mostly in the Swedish language (when you start in Swedish, it usually stays in Swedish) and I could tell it was really helping me master the overall language.

I began to pick up new words, and enjoyed having regular chats here and there. And soon, I was using Swedish every day again, and all while NOT living in Sweden. Hur kul!

Now, obviously this only works if you are single, though you can sign up to Happy Pancake if you are in a relationship and are just looking for friendship. Rule of thumb with dating sites, especially in a population where there are more men than women, men may have more trouble finding a pen pal, friend, lover, or whatever you are looking for than a woman would.

But why not give it a go? Even just filling out your profile, writing an essay in Swedish, will provide great practice for using the language.

Just remember when dating online in Swedish, you are up against a lot of Swedes. That is a lot of beautiful people online. So take a shower, freshen up, and take a beautiful picture of yourself to join the Swedes in finding love online.

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