Win A Copy of My Sweet Saga!

So I’ve been reading this great book, My Sweet Saga. It was written by Brett Sills, an American and now officially a Swedish Freak! The book is about an American who has never been abroad, and on a last minute trip finds himself in a wild adventure in Stockholm, Sweden.

It is hilarious and a very interesting prospective of Sweden – from an untainted American’s eyes! You can see a bit of Brett Sills style in his post How I Fell in Love with Sweden.


So how do you win a copy of this book?

Simple! Do the following:

1. Like Swedish Freak’s Facebook page and then…

2. Leave a comment about your first experience in Stockholm (or how you think it will be)


Tweet this post and mention why you want to win. Remember to mention @SwedishFreak.

This contest will run until Thursday, May 3rd. The winner will be announced Friday, May 4th.

Lycka Till!

2 Responses to Win A Copy of My Sweet Saga!

  • Erik NorCal says:

    Hej Swedish Freaks,
    I have become enchanted by the the idea of moving to and living in Sweden ever since my son spent a year there for his senior year in high school in Falun. I read everything online I could find about the country, the people and their culture. That was several years ago now and I continue to read the Local, follow many Swedish themed blogs practice a little Swedish language on line. I have even incorporated Swedish holiday customs into my families celebrations. Sadly at this time I don’t see my self visiting until I retire from work(playing the lottery with Sweden in mind). But I will visit and I am very curious to find out if my Sweden lives up to the real Sweden. What an adventure that will be.

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