A year in Sweden

Wow, a year has come and gone so quickly! 2011 was my first full year in Sweden. And boy how much was learned and experienced!

As you may remember, in March I experienced the Northern lights for the first time. I’ve seen them since, and hope to see them much more!

In March I also experienced a Swedish Fat Tuesday along with semlor. Perhaps in 2012 I will attempt to make some semlor myself!

Last winter I also finished my first pair of Swedish socks – that is hand knitted wool socks! This year I knitted four different pairs for family gifts.

In the spring of 2011 I also learned how to ice fish, one of my now-favorite past times. I also made a great friend learning to ice fish.

My year in Sweden has also made me much greener. I love recycling and making fuel for garbage trucks!

Easter in Sweden was another experience in itself, with people taking as many days off of work as possible to stretch out the holiday. And of course salmon pie with lots and lots of mayonnaise.

May came along with bon fires, and the amazing childhood treat of Swedes, pinnbrod! A Finn told me I should add some sugar and cinnamon and try that with pinnbrod… next time!

During the summer I had the chance to travel around Sweden on my own. On the way down I visited a hidden clock museum on a Swedish farm. I ate smoked sik for the first time (so yummy!) and partied in Karlstad. Before going home I stopped by Karlstad’s water tower. I also asked myself the question. Where does Norrland start? And when do people start sucking in air for yes?

August back home I learned that yard sales come from Sweden (it is on the Internet so it much be true). And August we also found ourselves traveling again, this time to visit friends in Linkoping.

With our oh so slow winter start, I had tons of time in the long fall for mushroom picking in Sweden. With kilos of mushrooms, I will be set for life!

And in October again we did a little traveling to my second home, Prague, and brought some awesome Swedish food to share with friends. Mushrooms included.


All in all, it was a fabulous year in Sweden. I can only hope that 2012 brings just as much fun, adventure, and experiences with the Swedish culture.


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